About Jacqueline and Jacqueline's Goodies

wife, mitzvah mama 🙏, small-scale homesteader, builder, and daily scratch baker.  
Former public school teacher and home educator, food service industry worker, private caterer, coffee shop baker, and nomad. 

This baking website and specific entrepreneurial adventure began in 2008, in San Jose, California.  I'm grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY for opportunities to share sweetness with current and future customers all across the U.S.A.

I use local dairy (including our homestead's milk), nuts, fruits, freshly laid chicken eggs, King Arthur stone ground organic flour, Caputo Italian flour, Lindt chocolates, and flavorful spices.    Raw and unfiltered honey comes from two nearby bee-keeping friends.  Midnight Maple Sugar Shack in Barnet, Vermont has been my trusted syrup source since 2012. 

Most treats can be made gluten-free.  Slight possibility of cross contamination exists in my kitchen, so gluten-free treats are not recommended for those with Celiac's disease.

No artificial colors or preservatives are ever used on menu items listed below.  Please enjoy your purchase within 24 hours for optimal flavor and texture.  Upon request, I use fruit and vegetable-based food dyes and their results are gentler (not as bright/vibrant) than chemically engineered dyes.

Air-tight containers or vacuum sealed bags will allow treats to last approximately 2 months frozen.  Please AVOID refrigerating my baked goodies, unless you order cheesecake, fudge, or spanakopita.  Refrigerating other items will typically yield rapid staleness.

All inquiries and orders: